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Enterprise or Student Chromebook? The difference explained.

Choosing the Right Chromebook for Your Needs Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in both the enterprise and education sectors. They are affordable, easy to use, and secure. However, there are a few key differences between enterprise and student Chromebooks that you should be aware of before making a purchase. Enterprise Chromebooks Enterprise Chromebooks are designed… Read more »

YouTube Creator Award for 100k Subs!

YouTube Creator Award - SIlver

It’s here! A rather impressive Silver YouTube Creator Award for reaching 100k subscribers has finally landed on my doorstep. My YouTube channel, musictheoryguy, passed the momentous metric a few weeks ago and since I received ‘the’ email from YouTube I haven’t been able to stop watching the delivery updates from FedEx. I can now relax…. Read more »

Conditional Formatting adds clarity to your data

As a teacher, I am given plenty of spreadsheets to look at, review and/or analyse. These tables of stats, information, numbers, symbols and formulas can sometimes be quite terrifying to comprehend. The use of colour always helps me pick-out or identify key information. Conditional Formatting goes one step further; it allows different colours to appear… Read more »

National Coverage of Digital Leaders

Digital Leader Badge

Digital Leaders are a common sight in most secondary schools. The team of students who are assigned as digital leaders are usually expected to help with a range of IT based tasks. For example, assist with computer based learning, provide assemblies in e-safety and/or be a friendly face to the less technical minded students. I… Read more »

Essential Spreadsheet Formulas for Teachers

Spreadsheet formulas are essential knowledge for teachers. Whether you’re using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, its likely that you’re going to number-crunch some data using one of these apps during the academic year. They both come pre-loaded with a dizzying amount of formulas that you can tap into. Most you’ll never use (unless you decide… Read more »