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The Paperless Educator Challenge: weeks 3 & 4


28 days down, 54 to go.  Another two weeks of the Paperless Educator Challenge are over and while I am still pleased that I haven’t written anything down or printed-out anything I’ve hit a few problems. Nothing serious, nothing making me want to give up the challenge but just some niggles that have made me realise that… Read more »

The Paperless Educator Challenge: weeks 1 & 2


Status: Good. 14 days down, 68 to go. These first two weeks of working without paper have actually been, much to my surprise, much easier than expected. The start of this challenge coincided with the start of the new school term. A period when it is seemingly traditional for an extra chunk of the rain-forest to be destroyed for… Read more »

Location, Location, Location: Geotag your photos!


A geotag is an invisible stamp on a photo that details the exact location of where it was taken. This information is a rarely tapped resource by staff and students yet it’s likely that most students will already be geotagging their photos, even if they’re not aware of it. If they, or you, use a mobile device which has a camera… Read more »

The Paperless Educator Challenge


I’ve set myself a challenge for the next 12 weeks – not to printout or use paper for my school work. Quite a challenge in a world where, unlike predictions made back in the 1970s, paper usage has steadily been growing over the past few years rather than declining. This is despite the massive surge in the sales of… Read more »

Teacher Planners – who needs them?

I’m always amazed at how many teachers insist on using the ‘Teacher Planner’. For those of you unfamiliar with this exciting sounding publication, it is a (thick) book that contains pages for teachers to: keep registers and results of pupils, plan lessons, draw seating plans and make a note of anything else. For as long as I… Read more »

Lucidchart – An easy way to create flowcharts

I’ve always liked flowcharts, those handy little diagrams that help you understand a process or workflow. There’s a strong sense of satisfaction from carefully following the lines, answering the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, following more lines and then reaching a final box which offers advice, knowledge or a solution based on which lines you followed.  However useful these charts are,… Read more »