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Location, Location, Location: Geotag your photos!


A geotag is an invisible stamp on a photo that details the exact location of where it was taken. This information is a rarely tapped resource by staff and students yet it’s likely that most students will already be geotagging their photos, even if they’re not aware of it. If they, or you, use a mobile device which has a camera… Read more »

Lucidchart – An easy way to create flowcharts

I’ve always liked flowcharts, those handy little diagrams that help you understand a process or workflow. There’s a strong sense of satisfaction from carefully following the lines, answering the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, following more lines and then reaching a final box which offers advice, knowledge or a solution based on which lines you followed.  However useful these charts are,… Read more »

Create Videos from PowerPoint Slides

This is where it began for me. I was bored with repeating the same set of instructions every time a new student joined my weekly music theory club. I came up with the crafty idea that someone can’t join the club until they’ve watched a video explaining some pretty fundamental information. As it happens, my… Read more »

Welcome to Philanthrop-e!

“Youngsters these days, they know how to use technology. They’ve been brought-up with it”. This is a phrase I hear all the time but it’s only partially correct. Most students in western school’s today have been brought up with technology spilling out of every drawer at home, or from locked school cupboards packed sky-high with devices. Yet most do not know… Read more »